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Competitive Pricing

The economy has its ups and downs and affects us all. We are always monitoring the industry looking for ways to add value to our products and stay competitive with our prices. The amount of money you spend on a new trading desktop or trading laptop is important, and we work hard to keep the pricing realistic. Our products are tools that help people trade more efficiently and effectively. Just as in any industry or career, you need the right tools to reach your full potential.
The Correct Tools for the Job
Would Tiger Woods be a great golfer if he used golf clubs from Wal-Mart? Sure, but he might not be a top ranking golfer. His tools could limit his abilities... even with countless hours of practice, he might not achieve his full potential.

Letting your tools limit your potential is true for traders too. If your technology is not designed for trading, your focus could end up on tech problems rather than trading, and you might not achieve your full business potential.

Successful traders understand that their trading computer is an important tool to help maximize their business potential. They are confident using our trading desktops or trading laptops because our computers are designed and built for trading by people you can count on to provide solid dependable business tools.

Confidence also comes from knowing we do not outsource our warranty and support. This means that if you have a question about your computer, you know exactly who to contact. There is an advantage when you speak to the people that designed the product, build the product and support the product. Read more on our Personalized Customer Service page to learn more.

We are Competitive

Our competitive pricing philosophy is simple. When comparing apples to apples, Custom Trading Computers will offer the best value available.

There are a great number of computer vendors today, and each one has a different advertising and marketing techniques which complicates and confuses things. We&apos'll help and explain the pros and cons to help you decide on the right computer system for you.

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