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Personalized Customer Service

  • If your computer stopped working right now, do you know the name, phone number and email address of the person that knows your system and can help you?
  • If you have a simple issue, can you get a simple solution with your current computer company?
  • Do you have a dedicated representative that knows your situation, configuration and arrangement?
  • If you have a question about your current computer, do you think you'll talk to the person that helped in the research and design process?

Chances are that you answered NO to many of the questions above. These are common problems in the computer industry... but not with us.

If you purchase from us you'll happily say YES to all of the above questions. You'll have the phone number, email address and name of your dedicated rep who you can contact at any time. This rep will know your situation so that when you call with a question, they have an immediate answer.

Your rep works with the product daily and is present throughout the entire research and design process. We are your one point of contact source for technology for your trading.

Our business structure is very simple. We offer a custom built solution with personalized assistance at a competitive price. Customer service is an important part of our business. We rely heavily on word of mouth advertising. Direct referrals from happy customers are how we can continue to provide great products and service to all of our customers.

Happy Customer Cycle

This is not rocket science. If you purchase from us and are happy with the product and the customer service that we provide, you will refer other traders to us. In sales and marketing, it costs less to work with direct referrals from happy customers than leads from marketing and advertising campaigns.

We have been featured in over a dozen magazines, trade shows and radio shows, yet our number one source of revenue is direct referrals from happy customers. We are your only source for technological needs and we are happy to assist wherever we possibly can. We do this by not outsourcing our warranty and support. To read more about why we do not outsource our warranty and support, please visit our Direct Warranty & Support information page.

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