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About Custom Trading Computers

About Custom Trading Computers...
Custom Trading Computers, Inc. is a full-service system integrator working with business, educators, researchers and financial traders to provide hardware solutions for leading-edge IT projects. Our computers and servers incorporate "enterprise grade" and "mil-spec" components designed and built for a variety of standard and custom applications in the United States and around the world.

Our passion is helping serious traders gain an edge over the competition through technology. We work with traders of all levels daily to help us understand marketplace demands, and we design and rigorously test our systems to meet those demands.

Custom Trading Computers' help with a wide range of technological needs including support for channel traders, momentum traders, swing traders and high frequency scalping day traders. Our products and services help serious traders efficiently profit from the markets through the use of leading edge technology.

A reputation for performance and reliability led to requests for our technology's unique designs that were not available from other sources. As Accent Technology, we provide hardware support for the NetFPGA project's "programmable logic device" prototyping tool. Our pre-built solutions are assembled and tested as referenced by Stanford University's High Performance Networking Group in association with the NetFPGA project's efforts to encourage network innovation and education.

To encourage cost effective innovation, we provide reliable "Enterprise Class" hardware and when practical the use of "Open-Source" software to minimize the need for proprietary or expensive software. Overall, we provide consulting and leading-edge solutions for a variety of technology and financial trading projects.

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