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Custom Trading Computers - Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from our Customers...

We love to hear back from our customers. This page is dedicated to the many testimonials that have been sent to CompuBfit, Inc.

If you have purchased a Custom Trading Computers product and you would like to let us know how much you love it, please send us an email. (Note that your first name and first letter of your last name, along with your city and state will be displayed unless requested otherwise.)

Testimonial By Wayne C.

"They TRULY go the EXTRA 1000 miles"

Hi, just a short note to let you know HOW GREATLY I APPRECIATED your help, not only before I bought the computer which was super... It was there after the sale when I needed tech support... I contacted Charles, and he PATIENTLY helped me solve all my issues. I highly recommend this company. They TRULY go the EXTRA 1000 miles to help you, and they speak the English language you can understand... VERY HELPFUL.

Wayne C.
North Pole, AK

Testimonial By Suzanne H.

"Impeccable service and consideration"

I recently purchased a computer from Custom Trading Computers. I am extremely happy with the computer, but, best of all was the impeccable service and consideration I received from them. They explained everything to me in great detail and helped over the phone setting it up. It has been great.

Suzanne H.
Scottsdale, AZ

Testimonial By Joshua L.

"Always got prompt informative answers"

I shopped around for several months before finding Custom Trading Computers. They were extremely helpful w/supplying me w/the best computer at the most competitive price. I have had my computer for several months now and it has functioned much better than I expected or even hoped for. The customer service has been great as I have had questions and always got prompt informative answers.

I knew the exact status of the system from ordering to delivery date. They also called and helped me setup the system and monitors. I believe it was only 3 or 4 days from the day I paid to receiving my new computer and monitors. I would highly recommend these machines.

Joshua L.
Orem, UT

Testimonial By Gary C.

"Gained my respect from the very beginning."

Custom Trading Computers talked to me personally about what needs I had for my trading computer. I needed a computer for more than trading as I also was editing audio/video too! They consulted with me as to the best components with regard to future add ons and price structure. They evened advised me what I could do to save money. (No company will tell you that!) They gained my respect from the very beginning.

They delivered exactly what he promised...and on time. They also called to follow up to answer any questions and see how it was doing.

It runs great. I run 4 monitors, 2-19", 1-20" and 1-24 wide screen. It handles it all with room for more.

You can't get this kind of service and price from any computer company or retail store. You owe it to yourself to call them first.


Gary C.
Nampa, ID

Testimonial By Dowen J.

"populates the charts so quickly"

The first computer you built for me was fast, but this second one?... Unbelievable! With cable, it populates the charts so quickly.


Dowen J.
Montgomery, TX

Testimonial By Jacques H.

"Incredible product knowledge and service"

I am writing this letter as an official testimonial to Custom Trading Computers for the incredible product knowledge and service that they have supplied to me. Each contact I have had with them has been friendly and professional. Even for small questions I always receive a personalized response. They make me feel like I am their most important customer.

I originally chose Custom Trading Computers because of their reputation of being full service and highly personalized. There were other companies to choose from but after spending adequate time on the phone with each company I knew that Custom Trading Computers would provide the product and level of service that I desired. I am pleased with the decision I made.

I am a Chef by trade and have spent endless hours working with professionals in the industry. I have been featured on "The Today Show", "ABC News" and in "Cooking Light", "Bon Appetite" and "Southern Living". I understand the importance in any career to surround oneself with teammates that are true professionals in their given field. I am proud to have Custom Trading Computers as a trading technology teammate.

Over the years I have had absolutely no problem referring my trading friends to Custom Trading Computers. This is important to me as I have my own reputation to uphold. I know that they will treat my friends with the same respect and professionalism as they have shown me.

Thank you for all you do.

Jacques H.

Testimonial By Joe B.

"Max performance is a priority for me"

I needed a processor for some fairly hard core research and active trading applications. I knew that prepackaged products - i.e. - pick a brand - aren't necessarily equal regardless of the published specs.

I found Custom Trading Computers and it was apparent after about 10 seconds that they knew what they were doing. I had initially intended to buy a Quad core but after explaining what I was going to be doing they determined that I would never use the lower levels and the cheaper Duo core would do what I wanted and save money as well.

I'm considered an extreme power user so max performance is a priority for me and even though this is a laptop it's more like a portable office than a carry back and forth laptop you see on commuter trains.

The processor is a screamer and the only time I really needed help it was a software and not a hardware issue, and as that turned out I was the only one to ever have the issue with Office 2007 when running a charting conversion in Excel. Issue was isolated and fixed!

First rate product - this laptop will blow the doors off any desktop when crunching numbers while running 4 monitors.

Top shelf support - pleasant and easy to deal with - and extremely competent.

Comes highly recommended if your box - or laptop in my case - is important to you.

Joe B.
Chicago, IL

Testimonial By Mike R.

"Very patient and friendly manner, both before I purchased, and after"

I am a graduate of Mel's recent Atlanta course. Among the many things I learned from Mel and my fellow traders was that I needed to upgrade my computer system to maximize the chance of succeeding with the PTS. Specifically, I decided I needed to get at least two large monitors and a more powerful machine.

From our board I learned that Jordan Peterson was offering to build computer systems for PTS graduates at a VERY reasonable price. I figured that, since Jordan also trades via the PTS system, and thus presumably knows what works well and what doesn't, I'd contact him and get more information. Long story short is that I had Custom Trading Computers build me a system and I couldn't be happier.

They spent considerable time answering ALL of my questions in a very patient and friendly manner, both before I purchased, and after I received the system and was trying to put everything together. They did everything they told me they would and, much to my amazement, did these things incredibly fast. I think it took 10 days from the time I first e-mail him to the time I booted-up the new system for the first time.

BTW: I got two Dell 2005 fpw 20.1" widescreen LCD monitors and they are most excellent.

In closing, if any of you are considering purchasing a new computer system, I'd strongly recommend that you go through Custom Trading Computers. They can build you darn near anything you want and provides excellent service. If you would like to contact me personally to hear more about my experience, feel free to do so. My e-mail addresses and phone numbers are listed below.


Mike R.
Sterling, MA

Testimonial By Primo I.

"Customer Service is King"

I have heard of the moniker "Customer Service is King", but I never had the pleasure to experience it myself up until I made that phone call reaching out for help.

I have to say that at the end of the day, what matters most is the service a company provides. Custom Trading Computers not only preaches this, but I personally can attest that they practice it religiously. I am a customer now for life and will be an ongoing advocate for them.

Primo I.
New York, NY

Testimonial By Ed M.

"Lowest quality"

I bought a "Trading Computer" from this company. They answered questions for several hours and designed it for my special needs. It was not only the lowest priced but I believe it is also the best quality. It does everything I hoped it would do and more. It was also delivered in record time. I have been especially pleased with the service and support after the sale. All questions and concerns have been answered immediately. Since my purchase, I have not hesitated to recomend this company to my family and friends. I believe that is the best expression of my total satisfaction with Custom Trading Computers.

Ed M.
Orlando, FL

Testimonial By Michael F.

"Realized customer service was the critical factor"

I bought a trading computer set up for six displays. I shopped around, did my research, got burned at Dell, and realized customer service was the critical factor. I called maybe six to eight times to hammer out the configuration that met my needs. I got it one week later and called three more times when I needed assistance. In each case, they personally answered the phone and spent whatever time was needed to walk through configuration steps. Their prices are fair when you look at the components they use and the customer service given. Comparing apples to apples, they are within 5% of the cheapest price I found. I'm extremely pleased with my machine and my purchasing experience. I highly recommend Custom Trading Computers.

Michael F.
New Boston, NH

Testimonial By David V.

"Difference is in the component quality"

I've bought from Dell and Gateway. Custom Trading Computers has built the best computer I've ever owned. It boots up twice as fast as my purportedly comperably equipped Gateway. The difference is in the component quality and their expertise of knowing how the components will operate synergistically. Any concern or question was handled immediately. The pride of craftsmanship and love of labor is obvious. With Custom Trading Computers, you get a friend building your computer. With others, you get a generic assembly line product.

David V.
Anchorage, AK

Testimonial By Dave P.

"Customer service ranks up there with the best."

It has been several months since I purchased my new computer from you, so I thought I would let you know how things are going. I must say it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I received everything you promised in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. The computer works great and is super fast. I could not be happier with the results. Several other traders told me about you and I am glad I contacted you to build my new computer. It goes to show you that word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers is the best. Since I was in the hotel business and received awards for our customer service, I have to say that your customer service ranks up there with the best. I would definately recommend your computer service to anyone. Thank-you for everything and all the best to you.

Dave P.
Reading, PA

Testimonial By Phil K.

"Feel like I am their only customer"

The experience of doing business with Custom Trading Computers has been exceptional. At the time, it was difficult and very unnerving to trust a company that I found through Google. No referrals and no personal recommendations. However, I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Custom Trading Computers has provided me with excellent service after my purchase. Every time I contact them with a question or concern, they make me feel like I am their only customer. They are always willing to assist me in any way; whether the issue is hardware related or based on 'user error'. Could I have bought from Dell at a better price? Probably, but to me the service is what completes the sale. This company will back their systems long after the purchase has been made.

I would highly recommend Custom Trading Computers to anyone that wants a quality system and service to match.

Phil K.
Buchanan, MI

Testimonial By Gary W.

"Beyond the normal supplier/customer relationship"

My experience with Custom Trading Computers has been a complete pleasure. They worked with me to configure the computer I needed at the best price possible. They took the time to undertand my wants and needs and provided the right computer at the right price. My rep was open and honest and did not try to sell up. The computer shipped on time and they worked with me via telephone and emails to get it setup and working to my satisfaction. The personal service provided by Custom Trading Computers has been impeccable. I have been able to get personal responses on a host of computer related questions that go beyond the normal supplier/customer relationship. I highly recommend Custom Trading Computers to anyone in the market for a computer.

Gary W.

Testimonial By Dave P.

"Trouble free for over a year now"

My overall experience with Custom Trading Computers was fantastic. Everything I asked for was delivered at the promised time at the exact price quoted. Every e-mail was answered in record time with detailed explainations of my questions. After the sale I received the same fast efficient service. This is the kind of company I like to do business with. Not some large corporation with a call center overseas whom I cannot understand when they talk. I was on a first name basis with the owner of the company. What more could you ask for? Oh, by the way, the computer I purchased has been trouble free for over a year now and is as fast as lightning!!

Dave P.
Reading, PA

Testimonial By Richard S.

"Great computer system"

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated your help in setting up my new computer and monitors last night. Who knows how long it would have taken me by myself. The monitors look awesome!

Got the internet up fine with no problem, and I have been setting up the platform on DAE again, and it has not been failing like it was on the old computer. Thanks again for a great computer system.

Richard S.
Austin, TX

Testimonial By Ian H.

"Incredible product knowledge and service"

A company is the sum of the people who make it run. The folks at CTC repeatedly and relentlessly go beyond the point where other companies would simply give up. Excellent service, delivered promptly, continuously, and comprehensively is the reason why CTC supplies all our computing needs.

Thank you

Ian H.

Testimonial By Peter B.

"Knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable."

Custom Trading Computers designed and built for me a quality stock trading computer with four monitors that has run flawlessly for over a year. I found them to be knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. Great price, great service!

Peter B.
Lakeville, CT

Testimonial By JB

"Heck of a trading computer!"

I know nothing about computers and contacted Custom Trading Computers after a PTS course. We talked about what I wanted (trading computer on a budget) and prices. The computer was done on time, and it came well-packed and ready to go. Custom Trading Computers builds a heck of a trading computer! I highly recomend their machines.

Sherman, TX

Testimonial By James K.

"Exactly what i wanted for my computer needs."

I was looking on the internet for someone who could provide a computer for stock traders. I looked at several sites and did some other investigations. Some of the sites were large sellers and did not cater to what I had in mind for my customized computer.

I found Custom Trading Computers site to be interesting in that the owner was also a stock trader.

After several email exchanges I decided that this company was what I was looking for i.e. a small company that quickly responded to all my questions and appeared to be exactly what I wanted for my computer needs. After sending an email saying I wanted to purchase a computer I was almost immediately contacted by the company by telephone and helped to submit my order. The computer was quickly assembled and shipped. It arrived in excellent condition and has worked perfectly ever since. The company has contacted me twice to see if everything was working ok.

I'm very pleased with this company and highly recommend Custom Trading Computers.

James K.
Kansas City, MO


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