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Each and every trading desktop and trading laptop from Custom Trading Computers comes with warranty and support that is never out-sourced. This is rare these days, as even the "big boys" generally outsource their warranty and support over to third party (usually foreign) companies. Do you know how hard it is to get any support or warranty work done when the person on the other end doesn't have your best interests in mind? (We hope you don't know how hard it is, but chances are that you do!) Custom Trading Computers is a rarity in the industry where we provide our own warranty and support for our products.
We Own the Problem

The easiest way to get rid of a problem is to push it off to someone else. Although this may be the easiest way, Custom Trading Computers does not believe it is the best way. We provide our own warranty and support for our product, unlike the majority of other computer companies. Did you know: The average price, per year, to outsource a computer to a third party company costs less than $30! Think for a moment the level of support you'll get when you call up the outsourced company for support, when they only got $30 out of you? Do you think they will dispatch an onsite technician ($110), pay shipping costs ($10), and replace a hard drive ($150)? Of course they wouldn't, they aren't in the business to lose money! You'll get the run around and they will point the finger. We do not do this and own your problem. You contact us, the integrator and company that built the machine.

Your Best Interests in Mind

The fact of the matter is that companies that outsource their warranty and support really don't have your best interests in mind. They work like nearly all other computer companies, where they try to make the most money off of you and then dump you off to another company if you have problems. We are a small business and we take care of our clientele. Checkout our testimonials section to read some testimonials that have been sent in to us. We love it when people do their research and homework, because it just makes us look better! Read more about our Customer Service.


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