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Multiple Monitor Arrays... Your "Life-line" to the Markets.

Multi-Monitor Arrays --- help the trader view more market information at a glance rather than force the trader to repeatedly change computer screens. This can save time and allow the trader to act quickly on a market opportunity. A multiple monitor array is often part of the Trading Computer System and can be used with a trading desktop or a trading laptop. A monitor array can range from 2 to over 16 monitors all presenting information at the same time, and an integral part of this business tool.

Sharp, clear monitors with narrow bezels surrounding the screens and stands that adjust to the indiviual's work environment can make significant a difference in usability. Some traders have tried consumer grade TV's or low end computer monitors and are missing part of the advantage that a professional monitor array can provide to their trading business.

Your trading business counts on your system's performance and reliability --- it is your business tool, and it's
your "Life-line" to the markets.

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