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Industry Leading Delivery Times

Custom Trading Computers is able to ship almost all our "built to trade" computer systems within 5 - 7 business days. This means you'll have your new computer system custom designed and ready to go before most companies can get the process started.
The Computer Build Phases

There are four main steps to every computer build: parts acquisition, computer assembly, testing and shipping.

Parts Acquisition - This phase starts after an order has been processed. This is where we gather all of the specific components that are part of your computer system. Although we do stock inventory of many computer components, we build custom computers and there can be parts that we do not inventory and must be ordered from one of our vendors. This phase usually takes a day or two days.

Computer Assembly - After we have acquired all of the specific components for your computer system. Your new computer is built to your specifications and usually starts the day we acquire all of the components. All of our computer systems are hand-built by an in-house certified technician.

Testing/Burn-In - Electronics and technology component always have a small percentage of failures due to the manufacturer as defects. We take this seriously, and our test procedures help eliminate problems before our customers have to face them. This phase usually takes 24 hours of benchmarking and stress testing the computer system. If a component is going to malfunction, there is a high probability that it will malfunction during these tests.

Packing and Shipping - Once the system has successfully pass the testing phase, we allow the computer to cool down and we clean the cabinet surfaces one last time before packing and shipping. Our primary shipping carrier is FedEx. You will be provided with a tracking number via e-mail, and we will monitor the shipping progress and inform you of the expected delivery date. Then we will schedule a time to help you assemble and configure your computer system over the phone. As part of our support, we want to make sure your system setup, configured properly and ready to help you with your trading business.

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