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Custom Servers - Rack Mounted Solutions

Manage IT workloads with scalable "Enterprise Class" custom servers using an industry standard form factors. Enjoy the flexibility to consolidate, share and protect your information and power through core business and educational applications with high-performance reliable servers designed for your business or special project.

All of our custom servers are available in several rack mountable form factors using Intel Xeon processor technology with single or dual processor options. These severs have customizable processors, storage, power supply and memory configurations. We can add High-Availability Servers features like redundant power supplies, multiple processors, RAID(1,5,10) storage and error correcting memory to provide greater data protection, better "up-time" and improved data access speed.

Our custom servers are designed for the open-source operating system package of your choice. This supports the principle that many basic business applications be made available to the world at no cost and without license restrictions. With this in mind, we offer the option of installing one of these packages on your server.

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updated 2017-0402