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PBX Server - Rack Mounted Solutions

Manage your PBX, Private Branch Exchange, with an "Enterprise Class" High-Availability Server that uses an industry standard form factor. This high reliability PBX server has multiple option slots to configure your POTS lines, T1 lines or Ethernet expansion for VOIP lines used in your enterprise.

These servers exceed the capabilities of simple consumer class appliances and provide a system you can depend upon. Enjoy the flexibility of controlling your organizations "private phone system" features like call transfer, voice mail, intercom, paging, messages to customers on hold and more and maximize the efficient use of external lines to help reduce the monthly phone bill.

Our custom servers are designed for open-source software packages like "FreePBX". This supports the principle that many basic business applications be made available to the world at no cost and without license restrictions. With this in mind, we offer the option of installing one of these packages on your server.

CompuBfit, Inc. has compact solutions in a standard form factor for the effective implementation of your PBX.

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updated 2017-0402