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Overclocking your Trading Computer

In the quest for more speed, some suppliers advocate overclocking and claim more speed for their systems. While this can be controversial, for some the added speed is worth the risks.

Overclocking consists of increasing the frequency or voltage of a processor to make it run faster than the manufacturer recommended speeds. In return for overclocking the processing speed is increased, but some reliability and stability may be sacrificed. Faster processing means more heat in the system, and heat can damage electronic components leading to early failures.

In the past processor manufacturers, like Intel, discouraged overclocking, but some users still wanted the extra speed. Therefore, more and more manufactures are helping provide information about how to overclock the processors. Nevertheless, Intel does not warranty processors that have been overclocked.

If you are still interested in overclocking, please contact our designers, and we will help you overclock your processor properly.

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