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Custom Trading Computers - History

Our history...
About ten years ago our founder attended a trading conference in Atlanta. He listened while others told him how their computer systems would "lock-up" during periods of heavy trading, causing them to miss opportunities. Our founder described how he had built his own "high performance system" that gave him a "reliable competitive edge." Immediately, people began asking him to build custom trading systems for them, and the requests kept coming in day after day by "word of mouth."

Daily contact with traders helps us fine-tune our systems to the demands of the market place, and we consistently add new resources and equipment. Our name became known as a technology leader for the financial industry. Our founder was featured on Tiger Financial News Network's "The Tom O'Brian Show" and "The Opening Growl," and he has also been interviewed by MoneyShow's Joe Burns. In addition, our staff has written articles for Active Trader Magazine, James Dicks Magazine and others publications.

Quickly our reputation spread beyond traders --- academics, educators and researchers requested our custom systems for their unique designs that were not available from other sources, and we evolved into a full-service system hardware integrator.

As Accent Technology, we began providing hardware support for the NetFPGA project's "programmable logic device" prototyping tool. Our pre-built solutions are assembled and tested as referenced by Stanford University's High Performance Networking Group in association with the NetFPGA project's efforts to encourage network innovation and education.

With dedication and effort, our mission expanded to include providing reliable "Enterprise Class" hardware using "Open-Source" software to minimize the need for proprietary or expensive software. We offer products and consulting to help provide leading-edge solutions for a variety of systems and technology projects.

Currently, our senior systems designer has decades of technology experience with "Fortune 500" companies and "Wall Street" at the highest levels, and is responsible for numerous patents and designs used in their computer systems. Our designers can assist you throughout the whole process, and we will design your system to your individual needs and provide individualized warranty support as needed. In addition, we can consult with you on "new system designs" and "refurbish" older equipment.

Today our systems are used throughout the USA and in many countries all around the world, and we consistently receive thanks and referrals for our systems. These referrals are a testament to Custom Trading Computers' reputation for the quality, reliability, performance and support that our customers can depend on.

Custom Trading Computers works with business, educators, researchers and financial traders to provide hardware solutions for leading-edge IT projects. Our computers and servers incorporate "enterprise grade" and "mil-spec" components designed and built for a variety of standard and custom applications in the United States and around the world.

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